Today is Friday, January 18, 2013, Emme's 3rd Birthday!

I cannot believe it has been three years since that sunny, cloudless bright blue sky Monday in January that I met Emme Camille. My love has grown to an unmeasurable, and possibly even unhealthy, amount.  My life is filled with Emme's energy.  I think 3 years ago my life was probably boring but I just didn't recognize it!  This morning Emme woke up to 12 pink heart helium ballon floating above her head, one for each month of the year. She was surprised, gasped and said, "mom mom, heart ba- looons mean I love you."
Emme weighs about 26 lbs, has 20 perfect "shiny" teeth and is taller than most children her age. Her pediatrician, Dr McCown, last February said she would probably grow to be about 5"4" but I still think there is a potential for her to be a 5'11" supermodel! :)  She has a great vocabulary, spells her name Emmmmmmmmme, know her colors, knows red means stop, green means go and yellow, slooooooooow down! She counts , knows her ABC's, sings, plays on phones and computers, and professes to wanting to become a "heart Doctor"...she did change it once to a princess but shortly went back to doctor (whew close one!)  Her favorite princess is a "pink one" or Rapunzel, I learned this the hard way at Christmas, "Not dat wonnnn".  She loves "da Boots" (Dora), Minnie Mouse, Doc Mcstuffins, all princesses, & is the most coordinated little one ever. She is great a kicking soccer balls, throwing any ball, doing flips, and dacncing to Yo Gabba Gabba, and not to my approval, Sublime and Gangnam Style.  She plays the guitar, runs realllllllly fast and jumps reallllllly high.  Emme never stops, she is FULL of energy from the time she wakes up (7-7:30) till I rub her belly or hair to sleep (8:30-9). Her favorite movie at this time is "Twinkle Toes", shes still wears bows in her hair every day, and eats her vegetables, slowly, but she does eat them  :) She loves "boo-berries" and "neenas", "hit dogs" and pizza, pink ice cream and cake, and has recently started eating eggs and toast for breakfast. She loves kitty cats and puppy dogs and says she wants to start playing soccer with her friends. She still needs improvement when it comes to sharing but we all could probably use some improvement in this area!
We have been to the Zoo more times than you could count, made owl crafts and thanksgiving place mats, we have had pool days in the backyard, saw Dora and Diego at the Mcwayne Center, celebrated Halloween at BJCC watching Disney on Ice as she was dressed as a white Kitty cat and Brother as a gray mouse. She rode a real train for the second time at brother's birthday in Calera in September, she has cheered for "War Eagle" as she sported her AU cheer uniforms during the Fall.  She met Aubie in December on the lawn of Sanford Hall on her first visit to Auburn University. Emme celebrated her great grandmother's 90th birthday in Clanton with her Granny, Audrey. Dr Cochran is Emme's favorite doctor and she will give him calls occasionally to tell him she is sick. She had her first virus January 02, 2013, she was pitiful.
I strive to be the best mommy I can be. Days I succeed, days I fail miserably. One thing has never faltered, my love for Emme, my first true love. My heart aches when I am away from Her even the shortest amount of time. She is my heart walking around on the outside of my body. I love her more than anyone else does or ever will for that matter, I can only hope that throughout her life many come close.

Emme, I love you so much my "baby girl princess Sophia" and I am so fortunate God paired us together. I am undeserving.
Thank you God for Emme, I will try to make you proud. Please always keep her safe in Your strong arms when I am too weak.

Happy 3rd Birthday Emme Camille, you will never know what joy and happiness you have brought into my life.  I hope I always have the ability to  make you happy and you will always love me. I need you and I need your love.

Mom Mom