Emme is 6 months old today!

It is Sunday, July 18, 2010,
   Emme's 6 month birthday!!

My precious baby girl is 6 months old today!  I am growing more and more attached
to this little girl each and every day.  When I walk in from work each day her face lights
up and her squealing and squirming begins, clearly she knows her mommy! 
Based on home scales, she weighs 14 lbs 4ozs, but we have a doctors appointment
Friday to get her official weight!

Emme is sitting up on her own now. There are the occasional tumbles, but she
is well balanced for the majority of the time. She is spending more time on her
playmat  where she enjoys kicking her feet to make toys rattle.  She is also making
this "motorcycle engine reving" motion with her wrists.  She is somewhat surprised that
she can make her rattles rattle this way. She is reaching more and obviously learning
 she can control those wee little fingers. She loves my hair, whether she pulling it as
she is nursing or grasping it as we walk, either way my ever so thick hair is thinning! :) 

Emme has also realized that she has feet and a tongue!  She is very talented
with her little toes!  She normally wants to test toys out with her toes first or try
to hold your hand with them.  The little tongue is almost always visible.  If I ask to
see it by sticking out mine first, she will always respond with hers.  Emm's babbling
has been replaced by more "raspberries"! She loves buzzing her lips and tongue. 
She will use this as a warning, "okayyyy, I am about to cry" (or fake cry which
is now complete with these high pitched short squeals!!)

I kiss Emme so much that I think she may get annoyed with it!  One day she
did allow me kiss her 150 times in a rows without even a wimper!! lol!
She also gives "mommy kisses",  wide opened mouth!~no one is allowed these
special kisses but mommy, and well, kissy monkey (formerly known a Beeposh baby)  :) 
Sadly, her "angel kiss", that she received when she was sent to me from heaven, 
seems to be disappearing. I guess even angel lipstick will not stay on forever!

I am not sure Emme has a favorite toy anymore, she seems to enjoy throwing
them all equally.  She is gaining interest in typing on the laptop, pressing
remote buttons, texting on the cell phone & she LOVES Sprout TV.
The Wiggles seem to be a favorite.  I know watching television may not the
healthiest habit but since she isn't in daycare I think being home all week can be
a little redundant so a little Sprout TV and one her her many Baby Einstein DVDs
is okay with me.  She  also enjoys music time each day complete with the
guitar, harmonica, and wooden whistle. :)

Her "naked gum smiles" are priceless, her growls humorous, her beauty
mesmerizing, her squeals piercing, her brown eyes sparkling and
her company more enjoyable than I could ever imagined.

Emme, I HEART you with overwhelming passion.