Today is Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Emme's 7th Birthday!
Emme Camille turns 7!!
Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE GIRL in the whole wide world!
Emme, I am so proud to be your mom mom. You have been the most genuine, loving, honest, beautiful, talented, and intelligent six year old that I could have ever even wish for. I love you and live my life for you. "True happiness only comes by making others happy." My happiness IS your happiness, my sadness IS your sadness, your pain IS my pain, your joy brings me joy. It is true. My heart or mind never searches for anything when you and Brother are with me, my world is complete. I am grateful for EVERY single moment I am with you because I know the day will come when my home will be empty, but my heart will always be full. My love will never falter although my efforts may fail. Not if, but when I fail, I will try and try again, not because I strive to be a perfect mother but I strive daily to be the ABSOLUTE BEST mother I could possibly be for YOU. Thank you for making me a mother, thank you for being my first born, thank you for being my first true love, thank you for loving me, thank you for your compassion,  thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for being you, which in my heart will always be perfect.
Emme Camille Baker, I love you more than you could ever imagine and more than you will ever comprehend. You are my heart, my soul, my forever.
Happy 7th Birthday my unicorn loving, pretty pink princess!
Love forever, Mom Mom
 Birthday Party at BabyLand General Hospital Cleveland, GA   January 16th

Great Russian Nutcracker 

Emme has lost a total of 4 teeth this year! Currently front two still haven't grown in. She sings all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth randomly lol

Says "War Eagle" to ANYONE wearing AU apparel! Auburn started weak, finished stronger. Had a slim chance of going to playoffs but that fell through. The "red team" lost national championship game to Clemson. Go Tigers ;)

Emme, still with princess hair, first "carcation" pool swim alone :) 

Bippity Boppity boutique princess makeover inside Cinderella Castle

Our 2nd Disney Vacation of 2016!

Mickey's not so scarey Halloween Party

Halloween in DisneyWorld!

Officially completed Jedi Training


Had her first date with Papa to dinner
And see Rouge One.

3rd "airplane" vacation 

Training wheels off!

Peace loving, purest heart, good girl that will battle her Brother in an instant!
Emme loves life, family, her home, and 
Kissy Monkey! :)
Loves Steak, carrots and ranch, 
cheese pizza, milk.
Impressive hula hooper, can whistle, does algebra, writes 2's and 7's backwards, she started her first reading class Summer 2016, reads best Dick and Jane books and Hop on Pop, still working on snapping!
Loves Dancing and Music.
Favorite songs: top 20 Pop, kidz bop.
Least Favorite: trolls soundtrack "not giving up today" bc brother repeatedly plays the 5 second clip!
Favorite Christmas gifts: Owlicorn Hatchimal, New Samsung Luna Phone, she has messager now, I had a record 71 notifications while at work from her! LoL
Birthday gifts: vintage Cabbage patch gifts : bracelet, 1994 tea set, outfit, 1983 Porcelain CPK cake topper, (vintage CPK 1985 preemie had cabbage  pox!) Rosaleigh Jewels new CPK, CPK stroller, her pearl, tap shoes, chess checker set, Barbie Salon set, makeup/nail polish & dryer, LOL surprise girls, her NEW pink/purple Rayban eye glasses, to name a few. Brother got her a "baby gift bag", blue mini strollers, a red and white stuffed dog to match his, and mini baby favor boxes. :)
Favorite color: PINK!!!
Best Friend: Mollie
("Josh"is her favorite boy on street!)
Favorite Places: Let's Play, Chuck E Cheese, Playgrounds, and McWane
Favorite TV: LoudHouse, Thundermans, SpongeBob, American Pickers, All cooking shows, Goldbergs, Elena of Avalor.
Favorite Princess: Aurora, Elena, Ariel
Favorite subject: Math
When she grows up she wants to be a Clown, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Inventor.
(Automatic tooth brusher, "all your do is open your mouth. I guarantee it will work or your money back.")


     Today is Monday, January 18th 2016, FROM DISNEY WORLD, Emme's 6th Birthday!
Emme my sweet 46.6 lb of hyperactive bag of sugar, you are my world. Each day with you is an adventure. You are creative, funny,  a deep intellect thinker, imaginative,  FUN little girl! You are growing tall and thinks that your food skips your belly and goes to your legs because you are getting so tall! You are fearless and truthful with a geniune heart of gold. You are innocent and pure with immense love to share. In my eyes, you are perfect. Always remember, there is nothing you could ever do or say to change my love for you. Our life together is something I cherish daily and there is no place I'd rather be than next to you. Your words are very important to me and although I tell you this repeatedly, you still begin each sentence with, "Mom Mom can I ask/tell you something?" You are my EVERYTHING Emme Camille Baker. My precious daughter. My first True Love.

Your Birthday Love Letter:
To my sweet love. Today, Emme Camille Baker, you turn 6! I hope once again I made your birthday wish come true! "Wake up in Disney World" on your Birthday IN a lil mermaid room AND see Aurora! Making your dreams come true isn't always easy but WoW, you make my every effort worth it. Emme, I have loved you for so long, and before I even knew you, longed even longer for you. Growing with you has been more special than you will ever know. You have been my world, and I hope for nothing more than for you to continue to be. The sun shines brighter when I see your face, the birds sound sweeter when I hear your voice, MY world is far better and exciting than it was ever was without you...I must have been really bored before you andddd didn't even realize it!! :) Emme, I love you with EVERYTHING I have, EVERYTHING I am and EVERYTHING I ever will be. My love for you will always come first because you Emme, were my first true love. You deserve every ounce the immense happiness and unconditional love that you have so generously given to me. Happy 6 th Birthday MY princess. May today be worthy of all your 6yr old BIG heart could ever desire.
Love you FOREVER, MoM MoM

"um lemme think, I really like Draculara"
"Play Penguin eggs...but papa never really lets us do it!"
"Pink and light blue"
"Being a doctor seems kindof fun, but I have no idea"
"Sweet Frogs"
"Monster High"
"Sponge Bob and Fairly Odd Parents"
"60. Well never mind. Four Zero."
"Dig, make soup, and play in sprinkler"
"To have a unicorn"
"Yes. The fish and hermit crabs but no body really takes care of the hermit crabs."
"How many can I pick. One. Ok, Polly Polish and that giant ring that came in bruders happy meal"

(Interruption-. Em : "Brother taste my foot."
Bro:  "NOOO....ok, did you walk in the garage?
Bro: "lemme smell it?"
Em "well you have a booger coming out of your nose"
Bro: "where?"


Today is Sunday,  January 18th 2015,
Emmes 5th Birthday.

Emme: Five years. 260 weeks. 1,826 days. I have only slept 10 nights without you, 7, when you were a 5lb 8oz newborn & I was not allowed in NICU with you and 3, while you weren't allowed in the hospital with me. Those 1,816 nights have meant everything to me, just to have you next to me. I've listened to you breathe, i've listened to you dream. I have no regrets. I do not feel like time has flown by. I feel as though I have been with you as much as our life has allowed. I have held you, carried you, kissed you, loved you each and every one of those days. I saw a quote that said, "my life ended when I had children." You know it is true, MY life did end, but OUR life began. Emme Camille Baker, you are my world. I laugh at the chaotic times bc that is all I can do. I am consumed by your innocent loving heart and your unfaltering energetic spirit. You are my peace, you are my happiness, you are my future, you are my heart, you are my life, you are my love, you are my everything. We have a lifetime together but no one can number those days. I promise you, I will live fully each day, fight fearlessly for our next and truly treasure our past. My life with you is as perfect as I could have ever dreamt. Thank you. Thank you for being you. All MY time passed, all MY searching, all MY thoughts wondering and it was you, YOU and OUR life was all I ever needed. Happy 5th Birthday, Emme Camille, my perfect daughter. You deserve more than I will ever be able to give you, but I will give you ALL I am ever able to give. Love, MomMom


Today is Saturday, January 18th 2014, Emme'

s 4th Birthday.


Today is Friday, January 18, 2013, Emme's 3rd Birthday!

I cannot believe it has been three years since that sunny, cloudless bright blue sky Monday in January that I met Emme Camille. My love has grown to an unmeasurable, and possibly even unhealthy, amount.  My life is filled with Emme's energy.  I think 3 years ago my life was probably boring but I just didn't recognize it!  This morning Emme woke up to 12 pink heart helium ballon floating above her head, one for each month of the year. She was surprised, gasped and said, "mom mom, heart ba- looons mean I love you."
Emme weighs about 26 lbs, has 20 perfect "shiny" teeth and is taller than most children her age. Her pediatrician, Dr McCown, last February said she would probably grow to be about 5"4" but I still think there is a potential for her to be a 5'11" supermodel! :)  She has a great vocabulary, spells her name Emmmmmmmmme, know her colors, knows red means stop, green means go and yellow, slooooooooow down! She counts , knows her ABC's, sings, plays on phones and computers, and professes to wanting to become a "heart Doctor"...she did change it once to a princess but shortly went back to doctor (whew close one!)  Her favorite princess is a "pink one" or Rapunzel, I learned this the hard way at Christmas, "Not dat wonnnn".  She loves "da Boots" (Dora), Minnie Mouse, Doc Mcstuffins, all princesses, & is the most coordinated little one ever. She is great a kicking soccer balls, throwing any ball, doing flips, and dacncing to Yo Gabba Gabba, and not to my approval, Sublime and Gangnam Style.  She plays the guitar, runs realllllllly fast and jumps reallllllly high.  Emme never stops, she is FULL of energy from the time she wakes up (7-7:30) till I rub her belly or hair to sleep (8:30-9). Her favorite movie at this time is "Twinkle Toes", shes still wears bows in her hair every day, and eats her vegetables, slowly, but she does eat them  :) She loves "boo-berries" and "neenas", "hit dogs" and pizza, pink ice cream and cake, and has recently started eating eggs and toast for breakfast. She loves kitty cats and puppy dogs and says she wants to start playing soccer with her friends. She still needs improvement when it comes to sharing but we all could probably use some improvement in this area!
We have been to the Zoo more times than you could count, made owl crafts and thanksgiving place mats, we have had pool days in the backyard, saw Dora and Diego at the Mcwayne Center, celebrated Halloween at BJCC watching Disney on Ice as she was dressed as a white Kitty cat and Brother as a gray mouse. She rode a real train for the second time at brother's birthday in Calera in September, she has cheered for "War Eagle" as she sported her AU cheer uniforms during the Fall.  She met Aubie in December on the lawn of Sanford Hall on her first visit to Auburn University. Emme celebrated her great grandmother's 90th birthday in Clanton with her Granny, Audrey. Dr Cochran is Emme's favorite doctor and she will give him calls occasionally to tell him she is sick. She had her first virus January 02, 2013, she was pitiful.
I strive to be the best mommy I can be. Days I succeed, days I fail miserably. One thing has never faltered, my love for Emme, my first true love. My heart aches when I am away from Her even the shortest amount of time. She is my heart walking around on the outside of my body. I love her more than anyone else does or ever will for that matter, I can only hope that throughout her life many come close.

Emme, I love you so much my "baby girl princess Sophia" and I am so fortunate God paired us together. I am undeserving.
Thank you God for Emme, I will try to make you proud. Please always keep her safe in Your strong arms when I am too weak.

Happy 3rd Birthday Emme Camille, you will never know what joy and happiness you have brought into my life.  I hope I always have the ability to  make you happy and you will always love me. I need you and I need your love.

Mom Mom

Today EMME is TWO!!

Today is Wednesday, January 18, 2012,
        Emme's 2nd Birthday!

In just a few hours, it will have been exactly TWO years since Emme Camille Baker made
her debute into this world.  She is so very independent, smart, and absolutely stunning. She
has continued to change so much over the past 6 months. She is looking more like a beautiful
little girl versus beautiful little baby. She weighs 25.5 lbs.
Where to begin with the milesones she has achieved! She potty trained sucessfully at 19 months,
she has elvolved to putting together 3-4 word senteces. The first I remember was Christmas 
at Mama Jo's and she said "Thank you Hunter". Her Thank yous sound so sweet, "Tank ewe 
mom mom." She insists on feeding herself and Cheerios can get a little messy and yogurt in 
her hair is common.  She is not eating as heathy as I'd like, at some point "fish soup" became 
an "enemy" and french fries became favored.  Shhhhhh, her nightly gummy surprise is actually 
a vitamin.  She loves her "snack snacks" and  fortunately fresh fruit is still a favorite.  She still 
loves her whole milk and drinks about 24 oz per day and 8 oz of "juice juice".  We struggle 
nightly with the ever so tempting ninny but she does get better every day.
Emme is very dramatic and antimated. She plays hard but always wants someone to play 
with her. She loves attention! She is very social and quick to offer a "Hiiieee" or "byyyy-eee" 
to those we encounter outside of family and friends.  She LOVES Elmo, Jake and the 
Neverland Pirates, bubbles, slides, still fond of playing ball, dancing in tutus, & SHOES! 
Emme welcomed her baby brother to her life Sept 09, got her forward facing carseat, visited
PCB, FL for Pirate Weekend, was a Sheep for Halloween, rode on a REAL train in Calera, AL
to a pumpkin patch, went to Disney on Ice for Mia's Birthday, attended cousin Mollies birthday
and rode a horse, began to recognize "Ho Ho", got her first car a black Mercedes 450GL,
celebrated New Years at home snuggled with Mom mom and brother, now we are anticipating
her birthday party Sunday, January 22 at Painted by U in Hoover!
Emme I once wondered how to fit you into MY life, how we should have matching bikini's for
the pool while we read celebrity magazines, in 2 years I have realized that I fit into YOUR life.
Now I'd happily wear matching Elmo swimsuits and read Highlights.  I love you more than a
word could ever express, my heart aches each second I am away from you. You are my world. 
I hope I remember each moment of your life, from the more memorable such as your first black
eye in December, you are a toughhhh cookie, to the more routine such as brushing your teeth 
with your Elmo toothbrush at night, or hearing that sweet, "night night mom mom" as I hold you 
in your spot on the couch.  You are and always will be my perfect love.

I Heart you Emme Camille Baker, on your second birthday as I sit here and listen to you repeat "e E E eee eee" and have a Candy Land game board on your head,
I know we were meant to be together.

Today Emme is 19 months old!

Today is Thursday, August 18, 2011,
Emme's 19 month old birthday!

Emme weighs 23lbs and 32” tall. She is in the 20th percentile weight, and 90th percentile height! She currently has 12 teeth, 2 top molars, 2 bottom molars, 4 front top, 4 front bottom she is currently cutting FOUR more (cuspids)!

Emme is walking, running, jumping, FALLING more than ever! She is very confident in her abilities and does not mind a “bop-bop” along the way. She dances (fancy feet), sings and enjoys the different movements she sees on her television programs. She loves learning with Blue’s Clues and Super Why but dancing with The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba. “Everybody clap” was her first wiggle dance she learned complete motions and sounds! She colors daily with her crayons and is very good at making lines. She is taking care of babies like a good mom mom giving them their bottles, and taking them for stroller rides. She rocks on her butterfly, jumps on her bouncy seat and is very energetic! She also enjoys dressing up and watching videos of herself, I have no clue where she gets that from! ;)

Emm is talking more than ever. Not everything is easily understood but she will quickly insists you follow her as she points to what she is speaking of! She refers to me as mom mom, and mia as “me”. Vocabulary consists of thank you, byeieee, hello, me, mom mom, papa, sponge bob (seriously), No, Ba Ba (bottle), nack nack (snack), , .She understands lot of words and the mechanics of the cell phone and television remote! She will repeat words you say ie Blue, red, ect but isn’t quite getting the association yet. She knows animals sounds such as cow, kitty cat, dog, and road runner, Meep Meep!  She sings row row row (your boat), and her ABC’s, which sounds more like “A E C E”, and counts the number 2 and 8, fabulously! Her sweet kisses she completes with puckered lips and the “muahhh” sound.

Emme has a VERY strong personality. She is very independent, strong willed, determined, intelligent, social and polite, until she doesn’t get her way then WHEW, she can be VERY loud! She is a very loving soul. Still snuggles with me every night and enjoys me holding her while we both sleep. She is better than any teddy bear in the world! When she wakes in the morning she nurses (YES STILL!) and interlocks our fingers as we hold hands. I love my early mornings with her.

She is eating, somewhat. Her good eating habits have GREATLY diminished. It is so difficult getting her to eat, vegetable are virtually impossible to get her to eat. She is still good on her fresh fruits, oatmeal and yogurt but “meals” are torturous. I really want her to be a healthly eater but she just will not eat. She has about 20 oz of organic whole milk daily, 6 oz juice, 6 oz water and whatever we can get her to eat! Also she is excelling in potty training!  Although everything is "poopoo" she is voicing, acknowleding, and going to potty with and without being prompted and daily getting better!!

Over the past 7 months we celebrated her first birthday January 22, 2011 at treat yourself yogurt joined by family and friends. It was a “hot pink, gum balls, sweet shoppe” theme complete with a 3-tier cake. It was a beautiful event! We visited the Easter bunny at Brookwood mall and got smiling pics in her pink and Navy blue sailor outfit. Went on her first airplane ride April 15, 2011 to San Marco Beach, FL (rough start with a 5 hr flight delay!), touched the sand and ocean for the first time, HATED IT, but enjoyed pushing the elevator buttons! Went to Doo Dah Day, May 21, 2011, beautiful day picnic style and caught candy and balls during her first parade. May 23rd, 2011 she enjoyed her first peek at her new brother via ultrasound. Many trips to the Birmingham Zoo, played under the water sprinklers, rode the Merri-go-Round and train while enjoying the New addition of Out of Africa. Enjoyed her first baseball game in Ashland, AL on May 28, 2011. She was Tanner Denney’s number 1 fan COMPLETE with a team color matching number 17 jersey! In June we celebrated Ava Kates birthday with family at the Zoo and then the at home soiree! She enjoyed having her picture drawn by the cartiure artist and enjoying dreamcake cupcakes! July brought our first family vacation! We journey to Point Clear, AL on historic Mobile bay. We enjoyed tea time, a live firing of a cannon, walking a boardwalk on july 3 complete with fireworks, and her second beach trip to Gulf Shores Beach. She actually enjoyed this beach trip which was awesome. We ended the trip with a tour of the USS Alabama, H-O-T, but we got matching captain hats! We got fun 18 month pictures made in her july 4th outfit and her Summer strawberry dress. We visited the McWane Childrens Museum and got sick. Sad her first sickness “Hand Foot Mouth” rash, she was never fussy but looked as though she has a serve case of Chicken Pox. 10 days and it was gone with the exception of small “scars” that should be gone in 6 months! Her first playhouse from backyard adventure was delivered July 28th, assembled INDOORS, it’s very large! Family trip to Cleveland, GA on July 3oth to Babyland Cabbage Patch Hospital, she adopted a little girl with brown eyes, auburn brown hair and a pacifier, Emmie Camille born July 30th 2011. She later dined at my favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze- she loved her strawberry mango drink! Although this is just a highlight of her outing over the past few months emme has been a pleasure to experience different places, people, and things. I love going with her, rarely have gone anywhere without her and wouldn’t change a thing!

Emme, I HEART you my BEAUTIFUL baby girl with every cell in my body! You are a challenge, a pleasure, an adventure, a little bitty squishy bundle of JOY! I LOVE everything about you from your big brown eyes to your sharp little toenails. You are my most favorite person in this entire world and I hope to always be your as well. I never want to go a day without seeing your perfect little face, I LOVE YOU MY SWEET BABY EMME CAMILLE WITH ALL THAT I AM AND ALL THAT I HAVE!