Today is Tuesday, January 18, 2011,

It is here, my baby girl is 1!  I have enjoyed this adventure of getting to know my little Emme better
than anyone else in this world.  I love her immensely and am probably a little too over protective
but there is no where else I'd rather be than with her. (Maybe we'd be napping together! haha)
She is growing, learning, and loving more than ever.  She has perfected the word mom, and still
if I am out of her sight more than 3 seconds you will hear it. She is also officially a walker. I try
to hold back the gasps as she treks across the living room narrowly avoiding the toy obstacles
in her way.  She is very proud of herself and I am very proud of her as well. We both clap for her
often!  She also has perfected turning the lights off in rooms via the light switch, we celebrated this
accomplishment nightly and her grin is so big as I "Yeaaaa Emme" her. 

She has reached the stage of throwing every thing down repeatedly, which is a developmental
milestone, so we are on track.  Still putting EVERYTHING she finds in her mouth BUT fortunately
she will open her mouth if I ask with my palm extended beneath her chin.  She still has 4 beautiful
teeth and possibly teething, I think I see the swollen gums and know sometimes she is having a
not so fun day!

She is still eating well.  Shhhh, but she did get to try her Mia's chicken dressing, which she loved!
I am still doing the organic fruits and vegetable but also realistically allowing her to try new foods
in moderation.  Her favorite food at this time is definitely blueberry and apple & sweet potato
yogurt, and loves her apple juice in her sippy cup. I started a few days ago introducing 1oz of cow's
milk just to start weaning from mommy's milk.  We will figure out what is best for us and go from

Over the last month we celebrated her first Christmas. Christmas eve was perfect complete with
her painting her own angel ornament for the tree, riding in the neighborhood looking at colorful
lights, reading Twas the Night before Christmas, and wearing her little red pj's with eBc embroidered
on the chest.  She awoke the next morning to find her Butterfly Rocker, drum, pillowpet, basket filled
with books, play cookies, wooden pizza, and cooking utensils, Minney Mouse and a light up lion toy.
ALSO it was Alabama's first White Christmas!  We enjoyed the afternoon at home because she did
not feel up to traveling!  New Year's eve was spent snoozing with our company, Mia.  LeAnn and
Ryan stopped by just before midnight to say Happy New Year!

Also Emme was a good luck fan for our Auburn University Tigers. On January 10, 2011, AU beat
OR ducks in Glendale, AZ in the BCS Championship to become 2010 BCS NATIONAL
CHAMPIONS!  We celebrated at home watching the game as she wore her little AU cheer uniform
and shook her orange and blue pompom!

We are gearing up for her first birthday celebration at Treat-Yourself-Yogurt at Lee Branch on
Saturday, January 22, 2011.  More details to come!

Emme I love every moment I spend with you and I couldn't be happier than when you "cook" me the
same hot dog every morning in your new kitchen, or when you give me your open mouth kisses
randomly, or when you hold my hand for no reason at all,  or when you roll over in bed at night just
to rest your head on mine, or the way that you start bouncing up and down in my arms when I come
in from work, or the way you rush to me from across the room when you realize it has been at least
three minutes since you have touched me, or the way you splash in your bath and try to eat the soap,
or how you are working on your "cheese" smile or your fake smile depending on your mood, the way
you practice your be be's, and mom's when you first wake up just to make sure you haven't forgotten,
or the way you buzz your lips with your index finger and then try to teach me the proper way to do it,
or the way you wave good-bye, and how perfectly you clap your hands, or the way your little eyes
squint to show me those four little teeth I love so much.  You are perfect to me.  I remember the first
time I looked up the meaning to your middle name, Camille, it said "perfect" and I knew it was meant
to be!

Right now, I am exactly 3 hours shy of seeing you one year ago and I couldn't be more happy with
you being my little girl, I hope I never disappoint you and want you to know that I will always love you,
with my entire heart, I promise.