Today is Friday, June 18, 2010,
Emme's 5 month birthday!!

My little Meme last month weighed officially 11 lbs 14 ozs and 24 " long but I am certain
we are exceeding that now!! She is rolling over from her back to her sides...she isn't
fond of tummy time so rolling completely over doesn't seem to be in the near future!
Her doctor assures me this is okay and her head has perfect form! 
Emme is enjoying time on her playmat more than ever.  She has favorite toys like
crinkle wing lady bug, those like pink elephant that illuminate, & Beeposh baby,
whom she loves kissing.  She will visibly follow me around to make certain I  am not
too far away. When we are in public she gets a little quiet and
never shows any of her "tricks!" 
That's okay though mommy knows she can do them  :) 
For Mothers Day, I assisted her in drawing me a picture from her...from here on,
she never has to worry what gift to give on this day, all I want is a new masterpiece!
Also, she seems very excited to walk. She cries out to stand up and actually has
surprisingly great form & skill for someone so young.
(No worries, i am not allowing too much weight on those little growing legs)
I am a self-proclaimed alternative parent. I strictly breastfeed, co-sleep, baby wear,
and practice the "No Tears" method, day and night.  Anyone keeping/holding her knows
not to allow her to get upset and cry, if it gets too exhausting & they cannot handle it,
I CAN & WILL be there to take over.
If you're thinking, I am 'making my bed', that is fine,
as a co-sleeper, I will 'lie in it'...WITH my daughter. :)
My love for my meme grows more intense daily. I have come to accept the constant
holding as a gift versus an inconvenience, I can "vacuum" next year but I will
never again be able to hold this precious 5 month again. 
 Each day as she continues to grow, I find myself trying to remember holding her at
5lbs, 8lbs, ect so each moment I consciously try to embrace every smile, chat, and bubble blown.

Emme, I am in heart with you.