Today is Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Emme's 7th Birthday!
Emme Camille turns 7!!
Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE GIRL in the whole wide world!
Emme, I am so proud to be your mom mom. You have been the most genuine, loving, honest, beautiful, talented, and intelligent six year old that I could have ever even wish for. I love you and live my life for you. "True happiness only comes by making others happy." My happiness IS your happiness, my sadness IS your sadness, your pain IS my pain, your joy brings me joy. It is true. My heart or mind never searches for anything when you and Brother are with me, my world is complete. I am grateful for EVERY single moment I am with you because I know the day will come when my home will be empty, but my heart will always be full. My love will never falter although my efforts may fail. Not if, but when I fail, I will try and try again, not because I strive to be a perfect mother but I strive daily to be the ABSOLUTE BEST mother I could possibly be for YOU. Thank you for making me a mother, thank you for being my first born, thank you for being my first true love, thank you for loving me, thank you for your compassion,  thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for being you, which in my heart will always be perfect.
Emme Camille Baker, I love you more than you could ever imagine and more than you will ever comprehend. You are my heart, my soul, my forever.
Happy 7th Birthday my unicorn loving, pretty pink princess!
Love forever, Mom Mom
 Birthday Party at BabyLand General Hospital Cleveland, GA   January 16th

Great Russian Nutcracker 

Emme has lost a total of 4 teeth this year! Currently front two still haven't grown in. She sings all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth randomly lol

Says "War Eagle" to ANYONE wearing AU apparel! Auburn started weak, finished stronger. Had a slim chance of going to playoffs but that fell through. The "red team" lost national championship game to Clemson. Go Tigers ;)

Emme, still with princess hair, first "carcation" pool swim alone :) 

Bippity Boppity boutique princess makeover inside Cinderella Castle

Our 2nd Disney Vacation of 2016!

Mickey's not so scarey Halloween Party

Halloween in DisneyWorld!

Officially completed Jedi Training


Had her first date with Papa to dinner
And see Rouge One.

3rd "airplane" vacation 

Training wheels off!

Peace loving, purest heart, good girl that will battle her Brother in an instant!
Emme loves life, family, her home, and 
Kissy Monkey! :)
Loves Steak, carrots and ranch, 
cheese pizza, milk.
Impressive hula hooper, can whistle, does algebra, writes 2's and 7's backwards, she started her first reading class Summer 2016, reads best Dick and Jane books and Hop on Pop, still working on snapping!
Loves Dancing and Music.
Favorite songs: top 20 Pop, kidz bop.
Least Favorite: trolls soundtrack "not giving up today" bc brother repeatedly plays the 5 second clip!
Favorite Christmas gifts: Owlicorn Hatchimal, New Samsung Luna Phone, she has messager now, I had a record 71 notifications while at work from her! LoL
Birthday gifts: vintage Cabbage patch gifts : bracelet, 1994 tea set, outfit, 1983 Porcelain CPK cake topper, (vintage CPK 1985 preemie had cabbage  pox!) Rosaleigh Jewels new CPK, CPK stroller, her pearl, tap shoes, chess checker set, Barbie Salon set, makeup/nail polish & dryer, LOL surprise girls, her NEW pink/purple Rayban eye glasses, to name a few. Brother got her a "baby gift bag", blue mini strollers, a red and white stuffed dog to match his, and mini baby favor boxes. :)
Favorite color: PINK!!!
Best Friend: Mollie
("Josh"is her favorite boy on street!)
Favorite Places: Let's Play, Chuck E Cheese, Playgrounds, and McWane
Favorite TV: LoudHouse, Thundermans, SpongeBob, American Pickers, All cooking shows, Goldbergs, Elena of Avalor.
Favorite Princess: Aurora, Elena, Ariel
Favorite subject: Math
When she grows up she wants to be a Clown, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Inventor.
(Automatic tooth brusher, "all your do is open your mouth. I guarantee it will work or your money back.")