Today EMME is TWO!!

Today is Wednesday, January 18, 2012,
        Emme's 2nd Birthday!

In just a few hours, it will have been exactly TWO years since Emme Camille Baker made
her debute into this world.  She is so very independent, smart, and absolutely stunning. She
has continued to change so much over the past 6 months. She is looking more like a beautiful
little girl versus beautiful little baby. She weighs 25.5 lbs.
Where to begin with the milesones she has achieved! She potty trained sucessfully at 19 months,
she has elvolved to putting together 3-4 word senteces. The first I remember was Christmas 
at Mama Jo's and she said "Thank you Hunter". Her Thank yous sound so sweet, "Tank ewe 
mom mom." She insists on feeding herself and Cheerios can get a little messy and yogurt in 
her hair is common.  She is not eating as heathy as I'd like, at some point "fish soup" became 
an "enemy" and french fries became favored.  Shhhhhh, her nightly gummy surprise is actually 
a vitamin.  She loves her "snack snacks" and  fortunately fresh fruit is still a favorite.  She still 
loves her whole milk and drinks about 24 oz per day and 8 oz of "juice juice".  We struggle 
nightly with the ever so tempting ninny but she does get better every day.
Emme is very dramatic and antimated. She plays hard but always wants someone to play 
with her. She loves attention! She is very social and quick to offer a "Hiiieee" or "byyyy-eee" 
to those we encounter outside of family and friends.  She LOVES Elmo, Jake and the 
Neverland Pirates, bubbles, slides, still fond of playing ball, dancing in tutus, & SHOES! 
Emme welcomed her baby brother to her life Sept 09, got her forward facing carseat, visited
PCB, FL for Pirate Weekend, was a Sheep for Halloween, rode on a REAL train in Calera, AL
to a pumpkin patch, went to Disney on Ice for Mia's Birthday, attended cousin Mollies birthday
and rode a horse, began to recognize "Ho Ho", got her first car a black Mercedes 450GL,
celebrated New Years at home snuggled with Mom mom and brother, now we are anticipating
her birthday party Sunday, January 22 at Painted by U in Hoover!
Emme I once wondered how to fit you into MY life, how we should have matching bikini's for
the pool while we read celebrity magazines, in 2 years I have realized that I fit into YOUR life.
Now I'd happily wear matching Elmo swimsuits and read Highlights.  I love you more than a
word could ever express, my heart aches each second I am away from you. You are my world. 
I hope I remember each moment of your life, from the more memorable such as your first black
eye in December, you are a toughhhh cookie, to the more routine such as brushing your teeth 
with your Elmo toothbrush at night, or hearing that sweet, "night night mom mom" as I hold you 
in your spot on the couch.  You are and always will be my perfect love.

I Heart you Emme Camille Baker, on your second birthday as I sit here and listen to you repeat "e E E eee eee" and have a Candy Land game board on your head,
I know we were meant to be together.