Today is Sunday,  January 18th 2015,
Emmes 5th Birthday.

Emme: Five years. 260 weeks. 1,826 days. I have only slept 10 nights without you, 7, when you were a 5lb 8oz newborn & I was not allowed in NICU with you and 3, while you weren't allowed in the hospital with me. Those 1,816 nights have meant everything to me, just to have you next to me. I've listened to you breathe, i've listened to you dream. I have no regrets. I do not feel like time has flown by. I feel as though I have been with you as much as our life has allowed. I have held you, carried you, kissed you, loved you each and every one of those days. I saw a quote that said, "my life ended when I had children." You know it is true, MY life did end, but OUR life began. Emme Camille Baker, you are my world. I laugh at the chaotic times bc that is all I can do. I am consumed by your innocent loving heart and your unfaltering energetic spirit. You are my peace, you are my happiness, you are my future, you are my heart, you are my life, you are my love, you are my everything. We have a lifetime together but no one can number those days. I promise you, I will live fully each day, fight fearlessly for our next and truly treasure our past. My life with you is as perfect as I could have ever dreamt. Thank you. Thank you for being you. All MY time passed, all MY searching, all MY thoughts wondering and it was you, YOU and OUR life was all I ever needed. Happy 5th Birthday, Emme Camille, my perfect daughter. You deserve more than I will ever be able to give you, but I will give you ALL I am ever able to give. Love, MomMom


Today is Saturday, January 18th 2014, Emme'

s 4th Birthday.