Emme is 8 months old today!!

Today is Saturday, September 18, 2010,
Emme's 8 month birthday!

Today my little spider monkey is eight months old! She is in my arms nursing and falling asleep as
I type. She is obsessed with my hair and falls asleep while "swatting", pulling, or grasping my
it.  She still loves being held especially while she naps.  This means many times I am confined
to my couch cradling her while she sleeps. It tends to get hot for the both of us but I am certain
one day I will long just to sit here with her in my arms so sit here, I will.  :)

 Em is definitely becoming more mobile.  She is sitting, sitting up, rolling, pulling up, standing
and finally getting the hang of crawling.  Just yesterday I made the comment that she crawled
perfectly twice!  She loves bouncing, being a wiggle worm, "riding the horsey down to town",
and swinging around.   

Emme has the most beautiful "naked mouth" smile, lil golf balls cheeks, long black eyelashes, deep brown eyes and what appears to be Auburn brown hair. I am beginning to noticed two lil swollen, red bumps on her bottom gums so it seems she may be getting her first tooth soon. Speaking of teeth, her diet has greatly expanded, Butternut squash, Carrots-favorite, Broccoli-HATES, Sweet Potatoes, GreenBeans,Oatmeal with bananas, Pear juice~ all organic and all veggies fresh, steamed,
and mommy-made. She still enjoys her mommy milk and gets about an ounce of distilled water per day.

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at Sisters with an old fashion Tea party!
The room was decorated with hats, boa's, antique tea cups, a vintage yellow buffet holding the petit fours, chicken salad sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberry cake truffles, and my perfect pink and white
tea pot cake with fondant tea cups.  Me, Em, Sister, Ava Kate, and Mother all dressed up. Later my grandmother, dad, and Aunt Kath stopped by.  Beautiful memory and cute photos! Emme drank mommy milk and a sip of apple juice out of her mini antique tea cup.  Unfortunately this was also when Emme
had her first fall...face first off of the kids chair into the carpet.  She dropped a toy, leaned over to get
it as I was steps away.  It was the most tears I had seen from her other than "shot day" at the doctor. (speaking of which, she weighed 16lbs 6ozs at dermatologist on August 30, 2010.)

We spent her first Auburn University Football game here at home,September 04, 2010.  Tailgating is a
blast but being here with Emme watching the game is priceless.  On Saturdays, SEC football games are
on our television and she actually seems to enjoy it.  This morning ESPN College Gameday was in
AU and we watched it as she enjoyed her oatmeal breakfast.  All day she has sported her white AU
onesie, orange bow, and her lil tiger AU bib.  Together, we anticipate AU vs Clemson kick off in just minutes, WAR EAGLE!

She is "talking" more and I guess it is safe to say "ba ba" is her first words but she will also wave on
occasion while saying it.  She enjoys bath time and plays with this caterpillar cups toy.  I do not
think she has a favorite toy right now because EVERYTHING goes straight into her mouth!  She
understands "ne ne ne" (no no) but tends to smile and laugh even after hearing it.  I am not sure
how this will play out in the future! She is a people pleaser, quite around strangers, determined, gets
frustrated, loves being loved, curious, and feels safe in my arms.  She trusts my judgement when
I allow others to hold her but she does not want me to leave her sight.  She thinks her Aunt Kerri
is funny, gets excited to see her grand-marme, shy around her grand papa, intrigued by her Lee Lee,
loves being held by her Mama Jo and Kath, gets cozy with her Uncle Ashley and is definitely
observant of her Ava Kate.  She also has fun playing with Hunter and Tanner~I think she enjoys
that they are a little more rambunctious.  She is growing and learning to appreciate the "outside" world
but loves the safety of her home!

Emme you are my precious little girl, I think about you every second of the day.  I would love to
spend each and every moment of  each and every day with you.  I cannot believe you have grown
so much in the last eight months, from this itty bitty peanut to this little chunky spider money! I love
each little movement and sound you make~ maybe not the ones at 3am but I am so sleepy, sorry!  :)

Emme, as I look at you right now laying on your blanket, I HEART you for being here. 
I know you need me, but I also need you, my true love.