Emme is 10 months old today!!

Today is Thursday, November 18, 2010, 
  Emme's 10 month birthday!

Emme Camille Baker is 10 months old today!  She weighs 57lbs...or so she feels! She is getting to
be a big baby...literally!  She has 4 teeth, two top, two bottom, and a head full of thick hair.
She is so beautiful and I love to just stare at her and touch her perfect little face.

She continues to show strong signs of her personality.  She is very inquisitive, she likes getting her
way, she is a little sneaky, very attached to her mommy, very talkative...at home.  :) She also
listens well to what I ask of her. She doesn't always agree but understands "na na na".  This phrase
is heard often as she attempts to escape her living room fortress or climb the armoire mountain via
bouncy seat!  Looking around the living room now it looks more "booby trapped" vs "baby proofed"!

Emm is still eating her homemade organic fruit & veggies...yellow squash is a favorite and beets grew
on her after a few weeks but VERY messy!  Last Dr. appointment she was given the green light
for finger foods and yogurt.  I doubt he meant frozen yogurt but we have had this as a treat a few
times and needless to say, it's a hit!

Her conversations consists of alot of syllables put together is a sweet high pitched almost singing voice.
She can easily follow it with lower pitched almost gurgles and clicking sounds.  She gargles milk, yes, I have told her she will get choked, she still continues.  I am refered to as Ma MAH and let me leave her sight and you will surely hear it followed by squealing!  She is very vocal!

Emme had her first Halloween at her Aunt Kerri's.  She was a plump little Strawberry! Me, Emm,
AK (Strawberry Shortcake), Sister and Mia ("grand-marme") went around Round Forest to Trick-
or-Treat.  Meme enjoyed a peach sucker and a teddy graham cookie.  We also visited her Great
Grandmother, Granny and her Great Aunt Ginger...we had to carry in her costume because she
through being a strawberry!  We also went to her first Disney on Ice~Princess' on Ice.  I always
remember going up the BIG steps at the BJCC so I wanted to make sure we went in this entrance
because it was so exciting going to the circus climbing what seemed like thousands of steps.  I think
Emme was more surprised and amazed by the number of people in the coliseum vs the actual show!
She made it through the first half and slept the second half even through the pyrotechnic finale.

Still no walking just longer periods of free standing and lots of bouncing and jumping.  She also
recognized her first toy in Target, Pillow Pets~which she sees advertise on her fave channel SproutTv.
I allowed her to pick out one, she chose Panda Bear, she already had Monkey at home.  She also
has a ball pit  which she enjoys climbing through and throwing balls. She is enjoying her books more,
and still enjoys emptying containers and pulling ALL dvds out of armoire. She is also sitting in carts,
(only with cart cover!) and high chairs when out.  Still not that great of a "rider" in the car, hopefully
this will get better once she is allowed to face forward, which I HEARD may change from age 1 to
age 2!

Emme, you make me so happy when I see those 4 little teeth smile at me, you do your "fake" cry,
which I am sure you picked up from you and I playing, "You the mommy, I'm the baby", the cutest
ever squinty faces you make, when you play quietly alone on your quilt, when you raise your eyebrows
in response to my questions when you are nursing, when you kiss me back with your open mouth, and
when you wake up whispering "ba ba" while practicing waving your little hands.

Emme, I HEART you in the morning, I HEART you in the night, I HEART you when it's
raining, I HEART you in the sunlight, I HEART you when it's warm, I HEART you when
it's cold, I HEART you when you're young, and I promise I'll HEART you when you're old!