Today Emme is 19 months old!

Today is Thursday, August 18, 2011,
Emme's 19 month old birthday!

Emme weighs 23lbs and 32” tall. She is in the 20th percentile weight, and 90th percentile height! She currently has 12 teeth, 2 top molars, 2 bottom molars, 4 front top, 4 front bottom she is currently cutting FOUR more (cuspids)!

Emme is walking, running, jumping, FALLING more than ever! She is very confident in her abilities and does not mind a “bop-bop” along the way. She dances (fancy feet), sings and enjoys the different movements she sees on her television programs. She loves learning with Blue’s Clues and Super Why but dancing with The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba. “Everybody clap” was her first wiggle dance she learned complete motions and sounds! She colors daily with her crayons and is very good at making lines. She is taking care of babies like a good mom mom giving them their bottles, and taking them for stroller rides. She rocks on her butterfly, jumps on her bouncy seat and is very energetic! She also enjoys dressing up and watching videos of herself, I have no clue where she gets that from! ;)

Emm is talking more than ever. Not everything is easily understood but she will quickly insists you follow her as she points to what she is speaking of! She refers to me as mom mom, and mia as “me”. Vocabulary consists of thank you, byeieee, hello, me, mom mom, papa, sponge bob (seriously), No, Ba Ba (bottle), nack nack (snack), , .She understands lot of words and the mechanics of the cell phone and television remote! She will repeat words you say ie Blue, red, ect but isn’t quite getting the association yet. She knows animals sounds such as cow, kitty cat, dog, and road runner, Meep Meep!  She sings row row row (your boat), and her ABC’s, which sounds more like “A E C E”, and counts the number 2 and 8, fabulously! Her sweet kisses she completes with puckered lips and the “muahhh” sound.

Emme has a VERY strong personality. She is very independent, strong willed, determined, intelligent, social and polite, until she doesn’t get her way then WHEW, she can be VERY loud! She is a very loving soul. Still snuggles with me every night and enjoys me holding her while we both sleep. She is better than any teddy bear in the world! When she wakes in the morning she nurses (YES STILL!) and interlocks our fingers as we hold hands. I love my early mornings with her.

She is eating, somewhat. Her good eating habits have GREATLY diminished. It is so difficult getting her to eat, vegetable are virtually impossible to get her to eat. She is still good on her fresh fruits, oatmeal and yogurt but “meals” are torturous. I really want her to be a healthly eater but she just will not eat. She has about 20 oz of organic whole milk daily, 6 oz juice, 6 oz water and whatever we can get her to eat! Also she is excelling in potty training!  Although everything is "poopoo" she is voicing, acknowleding, and going to potty with and without being prompted and daily getting better!!

Over the past 7 months we celebrated her first birthday January 22, 2011 at treat yourself yogurt joined by family and friends. It was a “hot pink, gum balls, sweet shoppe” theme complete with a 3-tier cake. It was a beautiful event! We visited the Easter bunny at Brookwood mall and got smiling pics in her pink and Navy blue sailor outfit. Went on her first airplane ride April 15, 2011 to San Marco Beach, FL (rough start with a 5 hr flight delay!), touched the sand and ocean for the first time, HATED IT, but enjoyed pushing the elevator buttons! Went to Doo Dah Day, May 21, 2011, beautiful day picnic style and caught candy and balls during her first parade. May 23rd, 2011 she enjoyed her first peek at her new brother via ultrasound. Many trips to the Birmingham Zoo, played under the water sprinklers, rode the Merri-go-Round and train while enjoying the New addition of Out of Africa. Enjoyed her first baseball game in Ashland, AL on May 28, 2011. She was Tanner Denney’s number 1 fan COMPLETE with a team color matching number 17 jersey! In June we celebrated Ava Kates birthday with family at the Zoo and then the at home soiree! She enjoyed having her picture drawn by the cartiure artist and enjoying dreamcake cupcakes! July brought our first family vacation! We journey to Point Clear, AL on historic Mobile bay. We enjoyed tea time, a live firing of a cannon, walking a boardwalk on july 3 complete with fireworks, and her second beach trip to Gulf Shores Beach. She actually enjoyed this beach trip which was awesome. We ended the trip with a tour of the USS Alabama, H-O-T, but we got matching captain hats! We got fun 18 month pictures made in her july 4th outfit and her Summer strawberry dress. We visited the McWane Childrens Museum and got sick. Sad her first sickness “Hand Foot Mouth” rash, she was never fussy but looked as though she has a serve case of Chicken Pox. 10 days and it was gone with the exception of small “scars” that should be gone in 6 months! Her first playhouse from backyard adventure was delivered July 28th, assembled INDOORS, it’s very large! Family trip to Cleveland, GA on July 3oth to Babyland Cabbage Patch Hospital, she adopted a little girl with brown eyes, auburn brown hair and a pacifier, Emmie Camille born July 30th 2011. She later dined at my favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze- she loved her strawberry mango drink! Although this is just a highlight of her outing over the past few months emme has been a pleasure to experience different places, people, and things. I love going with her, rarely have gone anywhere without her and wouldn’t change a thing!

Emme, I HEART you my BEAUTIFUL baby girl with every cell in my body! You are a challenge, a pleasure, an adventure, a little bitty squishy bundle of JOY! I LOVE everything about you from your big brown eyes to your sharp little toenails. You are my most favorite person in this entire world and I hope to always be your as well. I never want to go a day without seeing your perfect little face, I LOVE YOU MY SWEET BABY EMME CAMILLE WITH ALL THAT I AM AND ALL THAT I HAVE!