Emme is 11 months old today!!

Today is Saturday, December 18, 2010,
   Emme's 11 month birthday!!

Emme is 11 months old today, probably the biggest milestone she has single handedly or footedly
accomplished is walking!  She takes about five steps unassisted and normally does a shaky plop
on her bottom.  On November 30th, I was talking to mother and said, "well she just took two
steps."  And uneventful as it may sound thats how it happened.  After that, I got her to take steps
to me from the sofa.  Each day she has become more brave and ventured out more.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at sisters with Emme's newest cousin Mollie Caroline, born November
23, 2010.  She dined on pureed Turkey, carrots and sweet potatos.  We followed Thanksgiving
with the Iron Bowl on Friday where Auburn defeated Alabama in Tuscaloosa giving us a perfect
season and sending us on to the SEC championship and ultimately to the BCS NATIONAL
CHAMPIONSHIP game in January.  Emme just may be AU's newest good luck fan!

We had a doctor appointment on December 06 for Em's first sick visit.  She weighted 19lbs 2ozs.
Her cough was dismissed as a cold. 

Being Christmas season we have encountered a few of Santa's helpers.  On December 11, 2010
we had "breakfast with Santa" at the Zoo.  It was burrrrrr chilly!  Emme dined on oatmeal.  She
was very confused by this furry man I had let hold her.  She looked at me as to say, "Okay, I
will sit here if you think I should but I am not certain you are using your best judgement."  After
her gave her a stuffed giraffe with a Christmas scarf, her mood elevated quickly!  We strolled
around the fridged zoo all bundled up and she went to sleep.  Our next encounter was for our
Santa photo's.  WE GOT OUR FIRST PUBLIC SMILE PHOTO...then the photographer
deleted it in hope of something better.  Little did she know that wasn't going to happen, we
managed to get the same expression as in most of the photos, "I will sit here and stare at you, and
you can take all the photos you like."  :)  So far the Christmas tree has been safe outside the
perimeter of her living room compound but gifts have yet to be place there!  She is ready for
new toys and Christmas but I am sure most of all she is just ready to play with Ava Kate!

Lots of talking more Be-be's, Ma-ma's, Doy, Doy, Doy, Pa-pa's, and putting all those together
making sentences or trying to tell stories!  She is so funny!  Her new thing is blowing raspberries
on Mommy's tummy!  She keeps going and going till she out of breath!  I laugh each time and
she loves it.  Everything is still going in her mouth, which I REALLY hope she outgrows soon!

Emme is getting taller, more beautiful, a little more rotten, more loving, as needy as always, as
clumsy as ever, very quick to mimick, more inquisitive (if that is possible), the best waver and
clapper ever!  Still have four teeth but I think we may be getting a new one soon!

Emme, I HEART you x's infinity & am so impressed by your abilities, intelligence, and most of all your sweet open mouth kisses and loving hugs...although one day maybe you will learn hugs do not have involve pulling hair!  :)