Emme is 9 months old today!!

Today is Monday, October 18, 2010,
  Emme's 9 month birthday!
My meme is nine months old, 27 inches, and 17lbs 12 ozs.  She got her first bottom left
(her left) tooth Sept 21st, the second days later, and now we have the top left here
coming in strong! She is talking so much, many baba's, mama's, and papa's with a few
hi's and hey's occasionally mixed in.  She is a speed crawler, a very talented pull-up'er,
and can balance for about 5 seconds without holding onto anything. She is VERY mobile
to say the least.  Emme is very curious and rarely misses anything, she has way a way to
rapidly whip her head around to make certain!  She laughs mainly when tickled under the
arms and smiles mostly to those she loves.  She still loves the babbling raspberries and
puts EVERYTHING she finds in her mouth.  She hears na-na-na often and isn't always
happy about it. Whew she can squeeze her little fist and grunt and growl~totally unlike her
mommy. ;)

We went to the Zoo again this month, went to the pumpkin patch, shopping for winter
clothes, park trips, had Christmas photos made in a cotton field in 85 degree heat but
cool yogurt afterward...well, emme had pears, Halloween photos, & rode the zoo train.

Emm is continuing to eat homemade, organic fruits and vegetables, rice cereal and oatmeal.
She secretly had her first popsicle, compliments of cousin Ava Kate on October 17, 2010.
She is a fan of zucchini, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes but no so much cauliflower or lentils!

She's playing her piano, climbing on bounce seat, riding her colorful car, playing with boxes,
bowls and pans.  Since she's teething everything is a potential "chew toy".  The couch is a
favorite form of entertainment, constantly pulling up and plopping down.  The Wiggles are still
a fave, as well as, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We watch Auburn Football together, every
Saturday, WAR EAGLE!

Meme, I hope I never forget your perfect grin, the way you feel in my arms, snuggling with you
Saturday mornings while bargaining for 5 more minutes in bed, seeing your excitement when
I walk in from work, feeling you pull my hair as you nurse to sleep and your sweet kisses. I
love you and I will do everything in my power to keep you happy, safe and always feeling all
the love I have to offer.

Emme, you are my heart and my happiness.