Emme is 7 months old today!

Today is Wednesday, August 18, 2010,
   Emme's 7 month birthday!

Today Emme is 7 months old!  I look at her sitting in the floor on her blanket, pillow
behind "just in case" as she plays with her new toys.  I decided a week or so ago that
she was getting bored with "baby" hanging toys and took her toy shopping.  She actually
got excited for the first time on a toy aisle! ~I am certain that from here on out this will become
a common occurrance! She got her first laptop which she enjoys pushing buttons...with her
feet, her first cell phone, bowls, a spinner ball toy, ring stacker, and her favorite her little
brown box.  It is the recyclable brown box that the cell phone came in.  I put her bowls,
rattles, and colored links in the box and she enjoys emptying them out. 
Oh the simplicity of life. 

Emme is still nursing and just this week added a vegetable to her milk and rice cereal diet. 
We started off with Mommy cooked Organic Butternut Squash.  Did she like it...no! 
Judging her by her expressions I had to reminder her a few time that is wasn't a lemon! 
She is still hanging in there though.

She is still babbling talking and I am certain I heard a "Ma maaaaa" on Friday,
August 06, 2010! She is also learning she can express emotions. Unfortunately her favorite
at the moment is frustration!  Whew~her lungs are definitely developed!  Many times,
she will SQUEAL and follow it with a smile! She loves to stand and is working on her balance.
She has a walking stroller that she like to stand behind but her favorite part is the bear
on a spring to the side.  She is very proud that she can make it play music!  She is great at
rolling over and around.  She will wiggle on her tummy but not so much crawl.  I still feel
she will be an early walker.

Despite all the joys that Meme brings into my life this has been a difficult week. Monday night,
August 16, 2010, my first son, my Fur baby, Lord Tennyson Baker-Tarpley passed away. 
Although he was born a miniature dachshund, he was raised a real little boy.  Anyone that knows
us, knows just how true that statement is.  I love my "Son"shine.
One of the first items I bought Emme was this small bronze-ish statue of a young girl playing
with a puppy under a blanket.  Before I saw Em in person, I would envision the day when
she would meet her brother Tennyson.  I knew it probably wouldn't be a love-at-first sight
meeting because Tenn was very protective of those he loved.  My heart has always been torn
between both Emme & Tennyson.  It would have been near impossible for them both to co-habitate
but I never stopped trying to figure out just how I could make it work.  Now my precious,
intelligent, beautiful, whiney, over-protective, loving, loud, beautiful, proud, nearly 8 yr old
little boy will never have the opportunity to come home to meet his new little sister.  Tennyson
in many ways taught me how to be Mommy.  He gave me room to make mistakes with him
so that I could make less with Emme.  All the years I did not have a human baby, he allowed
me to have have him and love him no less than I could have loved a human baby at that time. 
Tennyson was a blessing sent from God and I am thankful for every memory and moment I
had with him.  I never look down on anyone that treats their pet as a baby because you can love
a pet just like a child and I did love Tennyson as one.  There will never be another,
Lord Tennyson Baker-Tarpley.
~September 04, 2002 - August 16, 2010~ Mommy loves you Tenn~ "You are the wienn-ner!!" 

Emme you make me smile, when I do not want to, you make me wake up when I am
sleepy, you make me find energy within when I seem to have none left, you make my
heart skip a beat when you smile, you make me want to make life perfect for you when
I know in my heart it is impossible. 
Emme I love you and it may never be enough but it is one thing that I promise will never change.

Emme heart-ing you is the easiest thing I have ever had to do.